Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mirror's Edge

So the newest game from Dice and EA came out this week on Tuesday. Mirror's Edge is a refreshing change of pace from the standard sports and shooters out there.
As the game starts the scene is set in a recently taken over with the city's government becoming big brother. You are a runner named Faith an orphan of the city's riots when the government had taken over. Runners use the tops of buildings to transport sensitive information for clients that don't want it to be seen be prying eyes.
Instead of fighting through your opponents you use your speed and agility to run circles around them and make your escape. The game is modeled around the idea of parkouring allowing a player to scale buildings, walls jump over obstacles and shimmy along ledges with ease. The game is very user friendly with the use of "runner vision" allowing the player to see jump and climb points on the run with the use of colors.
The control layout is very simple with moves broken into two basic categories, up and down. Attacks and movements are modified by the actions being taken at a given moment. All of this makes for a very intuitive control set up.
Mirror's Edge has leaderboards for time-trials on over twenty courses and speedruns where you complete a level as fast as possible. The leaderboards allow players to challenge their friends and players across the world. Racing with ghosts of other leaders let players learn new ways to complete maps. All of this makes for high replay value!

Unique gaming experience
Simple controls
High replayability

Lighting is too dark to see at some points
Disarming enemies is sometimes problematic

My rough cut summary: This game is totally worth it! I give it a 9 out of 10 just because it seems a little short. If you liked where Assassin's Creed was going with climbing buildings you will absolutely love Mirror's Edge!

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