Monday, October 27, 2008

Saw V

WARNING! Series spoilers for past movies!

I saw the latest installment of the infamous Saw series which was released last Friday the 24th. A lot of people were wondering how the series would continue after Jigsaw had died in the previous movie.

The movie picks up right where the four left off with Agent Strahm discovering Jigsaw's body. The only other survivors were Hoffman and the little girl. Strahm continues to investigate the jigsaw murders while Hoffman seems to be keeping track of the special agent. Also there is a new puzzle is set in motion at the beginning of the movie with five victims that share a common connection.

As the movie goes on we change between following the people inside the game and the detective and Strahm. The way they do this makes it seem a bit thrown together. At the end though it all gets pulled together into a nice, if not twisted ending that left me in awe.

My rough cut summary: This was not as good as SawII but I still give this movie an 7 out of 10.

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