Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Too Human

I picked up Too Human a few days ago even when it had received bad reviews and about 10 hours of play time later I found myself staring at the credits in disbelief. Is it me or are games getting way too short? I think not! But that is a topic for later discussion. As for Too Human I was reluctant to take the critics seriously, I am the kind of person that likes to try it out for myself. At first I couldn't get enough of it, with all the crazy amounts of enemies swarming you while you dominate the battlefield. This would prove to become tiresome after the 20th wave or so. Don't get me wrong this isn't a horrible game, it is just little things added up to leave a bad taste in my mouth.
When I heard about the game I was excited about the gamer's ability to build up their character which reminded me of Mass Effect. The game does not really capitalize on this feature nearly enough though. While upgrading in certain ways only slightly changes how you will use your character. Not enough information is given to the player before hand to effectively mold their character to their playing style. This was how I found most of this game to be, weapons and armor were thrown at the player with little or no explanation leaving you to wonder what to do. I ended up just looking for the highest number stats in most cases.
The controls vaguely remind me of Skate in the way it uses the sticks to execute moves. They were not even close to being this precise, leaving me to randomly swinging my weapon around trying to obliterate my foes. Also since the  targeting system was controlled this way, it too was chaotic.
The game has a few different modes that range from "near" to "far" as well as "strategic". I found this to work for a while then breakdown over time with the camera getting stuck in awkward positions. When this wasn't happening the visuals were spectacular! Though props were slightly repeated, the backgrounds and characters were highly detailed helping to distract me from the tedious parts of the gameplay.
The story line though as compelling as some was enough to keep me going long enough to finish the game. This is one where I had to pay close attention to what was happening to have it all make sense. So for those of you who don't like having to think that much about the story then this might not be for you.
Finally, online game play. This is the games co-op mode basically, the opponents are leveled based on the highest players stats. A piece of advice would be to play through the champaign mode first, otherwise all you will be doing is dying over and over again. People online will generally be level 30 or higher so get to around there before jumping in.

My rough cut summary: The game in a nutshell is running down "deserted" hallways with hordes of enemies spawning every few feet while you pick up slightly better armor and weapons.

PS: Playing just to level up can still be addicting!

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