Monday, September 29, 2008

College Fest '08

So this past weekend was College Fest in Boston. This is where all sorts of companies that have stuff to sell to the college going crowd come together to advertise their products and services. There were many things to do and see with about ten different preformances like Status Quo, Chamillionaire, White Tie Affair, and Soulja Boy over the two days of the convention. Of the over one hundred companies there, we saw Microsoft, JetBlue, Trojan , Scion and Playboy. Even PETA showed up on the second day to promote vegetarianism for a greener world. I think that is one of the only times I have seen them without the cops showing up. Companies were giving away everything from free samples, games, trips and enough energy drinks to run Boston's collegians for months on end! Overall it was an awesome weekend of not getting any homework done in the pursuit of cashing in on free swag and having a good time.

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